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Offset Printing - Multiple Options Make It Sweet

“Imposition” refers to the task of laying out pages of graphic images on large press sheets. In digital imaging, it is the positioning of pages on a signature so that after printing, folding and cutting, all pages will appear in proper sequence.

Imposing job pages into signatures, dramatically cuts job costs and turnaround times by reducing or eliminating the need for manual stripping — all the tasks traditionally carried out on a light table. By automating so many tasks, Electronic imposition helps printers get their jobs done faster, easier and cost effectively.

We can combine pages from multiple documents and applications into one single publication, for interactive viewing, imposing and editing.

Reader's Spreads
Most designers create publications in Reader's Mode, or the same order in which you would read the document.

Printer's Spreads
Electronic Imposition allows us to arrange your pages in Printer's spreads for correct plate makeup. Thumbnail views help us to visually understand what's happening to certain pages as we customize the signature to your specifications.

To help us accurately impose your publication please provide us with a mock dummy book numbered and using the stock you intend to print on.

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